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The saying goes, "If you see one mouse, there are probably more." This is often true because rodents like to live outside in warm weather, but they move inside during cold months to find shelter and food. If your house or business is not careful, it can become a good place for rodents to live. That's why it's important to get help from an experienced pest control company to solve the problem quickly.

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Why Rodent Management is Crucial

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The existence of rodents can cause significant harm to health and finances. These creatures can carry harmful diseases such as rat bite fever, Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, and Lymphocytic choriomeningitis. These diseases can lead to long-term symptoms, so it is vital for homeowners and property owners to take measures to keep rodents away from their premises. These illnesses can be transferred to humans through direct contact with rodents, their feces, urine, or saliva, or through bites. Indirectly, the diseases can also be spread through ticks, mites or fleas that have fed on infected rodents.

Aside from carrying diseases, rodents also chew and spoil food. Direct damage to products may require immediate disposal, leading to food wastage and financial losses. Extended infestation of rodents can lead to food contamination as their feces and urine may contain harmful microorganisms. Rodents have caused contamination of food products in many instances, putting people's health at risk.

That's why it's crucial to have pest management services such as Pest-Vigil to keep rodents away and ensure a healthy and safe environment.

Signs of a Rodent Infestation

At Pest-Vigil, we have a deep understanding of various types of rodents. With our knowledge of their habits and behavior, we are capable of identifying and eliminating rodent infestations. If you observe any of the following signs of rodent infestation, contact Pest-Vigil right away:

  • Spotting a live or dead rodent in or around the property

  • Presence of droppings and urine on floors, counters, or shelves

  • Burrows around the property

  • Greasy marks on walls near the floor

  • Gnaw marks on wood, carpeting, screen doors, furniture, upholstery, wiring, or food

  • Paths or runways along baseboards, around rafters, and leading to or from ground burrows

  • Seeing tracks you cannot explain

  • Unusual noises in walls or ceilings, such as scratching or rustling.

Pest-Vigil's Identification Tactics

Pest-Vigil's Rodent Control Techniques

To effectively control a rodent infestation, a proper plan of attack is necessary. DIY methods are not always effective as they fail to address the root cause of the problem. Pest-Vigil inspectors can help identify the type of rodent infestation and devise a comprehensive treatment and prevention plan. The management plan usually involves a combination of strategies.


Pest-Vigil technicians use a variety of rodent traps based on the severity of the infestation. With their experience and knowledge, they can safely and quickly eliminate the problem using professional tools. The technician will also suggest the best locations to install the devices for optimal results.

Rodent Baiting

Rodent baits are often made with seeds, grains, peanut butter, fats, and other foods that attract mice. Bait stations can be placed in areas where rodent activity has been observed. By baiting rodents, they are less likely to be a nuisance in your home.

Rodenticides are secured in tamper-resistant bait stations and placed strategically to eliminate rodent activity. Pest-Vigil uses rodenticides that are designed to kill rodents once consumed. Since these baits must be strategically placed to avoid harming pets or inhabitants, they are handled only by professional pest control teams.


Rodents pose significant health risks, so proper sanitation is critical when dealing with a rodent infestation. To keep the rodent infestation under control, Pest-Vigil technicians identify any rodent waste or remains and then remove the materials and sanitize the area.


Rodents travel along paths and use rodent holes to access food and nesting places. Pest-Vigil offers rodent exclusion and proofing services to seal entry points and make the building less habitable for rodents.

Ongoing Recommendations

Taking preventive measures such as thoroughly sanitizing and proofing your home can reduce the risk of developing a rodent infestation. Pest-Vigil can provide more information on rodent prevention strategies.

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